Friday, June 20, 2008

Chemo, Part Deux

Ken is back at UW for round 2 of his chemotherapy. It's much like last time - waiting, waiting, waiting! He's on his 2nd drug now and they've been giving him so much anti nausea medicine, he pretty much sleeps all the time. We're very happy to have the same team of doctors as he did the last time he was in the hospital. If all goes well, he'll finish all the chemo tomorrow evening but most likely he won't leave the hospital until Sunday.

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Lentz said...

Hi, Guys!!
This whole deal sounds like the perfect thing to sleep through! Hope the anti-nausea medicine is earning its keep this time.

"Waiting" seems to be a theme here--maybe if your last name was "Hurry" they'd move faster!

We're thinking about you. Thanks for the blog, Kristi,
Love ya,
Tom and Sue