Monday, June 23, 2008

Down Goes Kenny!

Apparently this is a boxing reference and I'm "too young" to remember but my dad fell last night and all he can say is, "Down goes Kenny!" Don't worry, he's fine - he's just not good on his feet!

He was released tonight around 6:00pm and is so happy to be out of that hospital! He begins a rigorous schedule tomorrow at SCCA for the pending transplant. There should definitely be more to update after his first day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken and Jill, et al
Barb Goheen here. Fred and I have been reading about your ordeal and are thinking of and praying for you. I sounds as if they have a real plan for your treatment with the transplant and all sounds good. Getting to the end will be a trial but it seems you have lots of support and we know you will be fine. Our thoughts are with you both and with the kids.