Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ken, The Problem Child

He's done it again... Baffled the doctors, flunked the tests, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH HIM!?!

Ken had PET and CAT scans yesterday and when he met with the doctor today, they said there are new cancer spots that have developed in his pelvis. His doctor is going to take a few days to discuss with colleagues and formulate a new plan to get rid of the existing cancer. Most likely, it will entail chemotherapy that will begin ASAP. We'll know more on Monday at his next appointment.

The bone marrow transplant is still in the future, the cancer just has to be as gone as possible to make that happen.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY MACKANOLY Right now you're a Super Senior, "No Child Left Behind" hang in there. I know you're fighting the fight.

Love ya,
PS I'm thinking about getting this WORD VERIFICATION for my classroom. The students will need to verify a word before entering. That should cut down my class size.