Saturday, July 12, 2008


I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated the blog - I'm sorry all you blog readers!

The last few days have definitely been blog worthy but somehow I was neglecting my blog writing duties... Early this week, Ken was STILL trying to collect those damn CD34 cells but unfortunately, they just weren't climbing fast enough or consistently so they had to flunk him out of his his first semester of Fred Hutchinson High School (bone marrow transplant with his own stem cells) but fortunately with the No Cancer Patient Left Behind Act, Ken has now moved on to his second semester - a transplant with donor stem cells. Just like with any schooling, you don't just get to skip to the final test (the actual transplant), you have to go through the entire semester of tests, work, etc. However, this time he has the help of tutors (hopefully one of his brothers will be a match) so we'll see where that takes us. A sibling has a 25% chance of being a match and I figure, that's better than 20% or 10% so we're in good shape.

In the mean time, Ken is at home and VERY happy to be there. He's been able to work a bit at the college and at home as well as sit outside and enjoy some of the great weather we've been experiencing recently. He has an appointment Monday afternoon with his chemotherapy doctor to come up with a plan to further prepare him for the pending transplant.

Thanks for being patient blogland - We won't wait so long to update, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,just wanted to let you know that I heard soy nuts are full of protein and very good for you. (They taste good too!!) Have you ever tried them?

I expect next time I see you the tub will be gone and you will be running stairs.

Love, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Looking good Ken! I heard you were at church Sunday...sorry I missed you. I would have like talk to you and rub your bald head.

Kristi, you have missed your calling. You need to taking up writing. You are very entertaining!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Bloomfield

Anonymous said...

Hey, babe.
Hi from Kansas...Toto sends his/her very best wishes. Sorry I've been out of touch...they are a little slow back here, I am actually sending this via dial-up (can you believe they still have dial-up?).
Hope you are well. I am thinking of you and sending all my good mojo your way.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Ken Bob
I don't know if you're feeling "top shelf" Quote of the day continues to be "Feel like shit". I hope you are at home enjoying the good weather. I think of you often. Take care,
Love ya,
Carol Ann
PS Kristi Call me if you need anything. Really, anything.....