Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ken is home from the hospital now and very happy about it! He's got one more week of radiation before a doctor's appointment to see if he's able to move forward with the inpatient chemotherapy. Ken has a very unfortunate problem - he needs to gain weight! We keep offering to give him ours, but they haven't figured out how to transfer it yet. We try to feed him all sorts of good things like ice cream, milkshakes, pudding, etc. but it usually just doesn't sound good to him... bummer! Any one have weight gaining ideas?


Gayla said...

Kelly said that he really enjoys the yogurt smoothies. In fact he's drinking one right now! The kids have offered to make snickerdoodles if he wants them.
Take care! The Stewart Family

Kristi said...

My dad says he'd love a snickerdoodle or two... haha! That's about all he could eat!