Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Upcoming Events

Ken began his 2 weeks of radiation therapy on Monday. Thankfully, radiation has no real side effects, rather just time out of each day. He begins inpatient chemotherapy on October 22nd at the University of Washington.

Don't forget - RALLY DAY is OCTOBER 20th! The day before Ken starts his inpatient chemotherapy. Get your shirt and rally along!

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Gary said...

Hey, Ken is always in my thoughts these days. Through talking with everyone that knows Ken, I have never heard anyone have a bad comment. He is the onlt person I know that is truly liked by everyone who meets him. I see that Ken starts his chemo at UW this coming week. If at all possible I would love to come see him and wish him the best in person. I really don't get many chances to get back to the harbor, but I have to take advantage of him coming up to my back yard now. If it is at all possible please let me know where and when I can see him and I will make the time no matter what. Thank you very much and get well soon Ken.

Gary Knowels