Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Good & The Bad...

Good News: The figured out why Ken has had such terrible diarrhea

Bad News: It's more cancer (in the intestines)

The Practicalities: We don't really know how this affects his chances for a transplant or further treatment but we're hoping for answers and a transfer to UW later today.


Anonymous said...

Kenny, my "brother" (thru the marriage tree),

You are at the bottom of the mountain and getting ready to climb to the improvement level....with your transfer to the U of W. Hang in there! Think about how many times you ran across the basketball court chasing those girls! You are a strong guy!

We love you lots,
"Brother" Ron & Margie

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight Ken, You are in all of our thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much for updates Kristi. Tom, Kelly, Alyssa and Robbie Sutera.

Anonymous said...

You will be in my family's prayers daily! Keep fighting!

AHS grad, 1992

Arlene Torgerson said...

Well, doggone it! Good thing you're a strong and stubborn guy! GHC supports the Humbabe..hang in there!!

Arlene T.