Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nothing Short Of A Miracle...

Ken is getting better!!!

His X-Ray this morning shows improvement in his lungs and they feel he will be able to recover from the Pneumonia. Truly, laughter & friends are the best medicine!


Anonymous said...

Thank God!!! Doug and I were talking today about how even under that mask you still have a smile on your face and those eyes still have fight in them. Good for you Ken!!
Keep fighting. City Hall is all fighting for you.

Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the "Mongolian"! Shirts' on fire. Now it's out.
David Bruncke

Dann Fassnacht said...

It's about time for some good news for a change...And the news that Ken's lungs are clearing up is some very good news! In the latest photo, Ken actually looks like Ken again.

---Dann Fassnacht (GHC "Parking Guy")

Anonymous said...

All that whistle blowin' must have made those lungs strong for this fight! You are in our thoughts often each and every day. If anyone deserves a miracle it's a guy like you! Keep up the fight! Sending lots of hugs and prayers for you and your family!

PJR said...

Love the new Pic ~ We think you are the best "poster boy" anyone would want to see! Way to go Ken - keep up the good fight. Yeay!!!! :)
The Reisman's

Anonymous said...

Precious, you are one tough cookie! So happy to hear your good news! Friday is our "Humbabe Day"! Red shirts all over that kitchen!
Love, Senorita & Company

Pam and Alan said...

KenBob, In spite of what Wes and Brad have said, there's got to have been some clean livin' in your past! No one has ever worked harder for good news. Keep it coming! GHC is with you.
xox Pam and Alan

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear this news. Keep it up! Thanks to Kristi for sharing the info. Everyone at They are thinking of you every day at AHS.

Angela and Kyle Scott

Anonymous said...

You are truly an amazing fighter and an inspiritation to us all!! We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

The wabers

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Mr. Waite!

Matt Wright

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes!! YES!!!
The Krekows

Anonymous said...


We've never met but I heard about your story earlier this week and have been reading your blog every day since. My son is currently battling with cancer and reading of your strength has helped our family with our battle of this vicious disease. God bless you.

Keith Morgan

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What an inspiration you are. Mike and I are thinking of you constantly and sending our love your way. We wear your Humbabe shirt with pride! Your positivity is working, keep it up.
Love, The Derks family

Anonymous said...

we're all here standing behind you. there is so much love for you. i can't wait to see you get better. my whole family is praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the improvements keep coming!! Checking up on you every day! Really appreciate this blog. Looking forward to seeing you.
The Dove's

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!!
Keep it up Ken, We miss you
The Sutera's