Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun with Girls!

Today turned out to be a LONG day but there are rewards for those who are patient! :)

Ken gets blood tests every morning to see if he's ready to begin harvesting the stem cells. As it has been each day prior to now, he was not quite ready and needed more blood/platelets to boost his counts which makes for a long day.... waiting, waiting, waiting and then when he finally gets the blood, it takes a good 6 hours to administer.

I (Kristi) love surprises and love to surprise other people! So... I was planning on visiting my parents anyway so I brought along the AWOG's (Melanie, Judi & Jeanette) to visit with my mom! It was a beautiful afternoon so they down to the waterfront and had lunch while my dad and I watched monster trucks smash cars while he was being infused.

All in all, Ken and Jill put in 11 1/2 hours and were so happy to be done!

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