Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Would Have Known...

Today was a fairly mellow day for Ken and Jill - Ken received 2 blood transfusions and had his daily blood work which all in all, took most of the day. To escape hours of white walls and beeping machines, my mom often goes on a walk mid day. Well, today she walked partly around Lake Union and decided to get some lunch while she was out.

I NEVER thought I'd hear my mom say the words, "I went to Hooters for lunch today!" Are you kidding me?! Of all the wonderful places around Lake Union, she chose HOOTERS and to top it off, she went by herself!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am seriously still laughing and I think my dad is too. I'm sure he wishes he could have been there!

After getting done at Fred Hutch, they went out to visit Todd & Sheila. It was so nice for him to get outside and have some fresh air and visit with family.

***Editors Note*** My mother would like me to tell everyone in blogland that she didn't stay in Hooters to eat, she just got a cup of chowder to go. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, I'm probably doing this wrong, I've never done this before. We just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope to see you soon.

Love, Mike and Shari

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,

It's 1:40am.....I can't sleep so thought I'd check in on you. You are on our minds so often, and of course, in our prayers.

Kristi sure has a way with words as the blog is so informative and in some parts, entertaining. Please let us know when and if you want company...Ron has been talking about coming to see you if you get bored. Don't know if he has any new jokes, tho.

Guess I'll sign off for now and go back to bed and try to sleep. We are quite a sight as we are both on CPAP machines for our sleep apnea. My girlfriend did get a picture of us in bed with our masks will make the kids so proud to share that.

Much love to you and Jill!

Ron & Margie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken and Jill,
We just got info on Kristi's blog and are thinking about you all of the time. (Actually we finished the dregs of your Black Velvet and had a good run down memory lane about good times with you guys in the desert.)

It has to be tough being cooped up and poked and prodded all of the time. Hang in're a tough guy and we all want to see the new Ken with new stem cells.

We are leaving to drive north this weekend and will stay in touch. Hello to Kristi and Mark.

Ronda and Jewell

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and wishing you well.

Former student and City Employee with ya. I got to see all of that wonderful edging, Amy Mayton