Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today Ken went to his local Oncologist and will begin his next round of chemotherapy on Monday, August 4th. He will have treatments twice a week (Monday & Thursday) for two weeks, then take a week off and repeat same chemo regiment. After the second two week stint, he will have PET scans to reevaluate the cancer.

Ken is most happy that he'll get to do this treatment in Aberdeen so he can continue with his regular activities.

Our guitar hero:


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you can stay in Aberdeen to do your chemo and continue with your guitar lessons. You are my hero, keep pluckin away.
Love ya,
Carol Ann
I'm doing better with the word verification. I'm afraid to click on the wheelchair. I did put the cursor over it and it wants me to type in the numbers I HEAR. YIKES

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you daily and I'm thrilled to see the photo of you with the guitar in hand (Evan was happy it wasn't a chainsaw). I'm betting we could team up for some live music action for my step class this fall and increase the FTEs. Practice. xox Pam

Anonymous said...

GHC misses you, get better fast!