Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chemo & Typing

Things are moving along here in Aberdeen - Ken has been home for a few weeks pretending to lead a normal life. He goes to work everyday, comes home for lunch and rests for awhile and goes back to work in the afternoon. He has just finished one cycle of the new chemo. One cycle consists of 2 treatments a week for two weeks. This is the treatment Ken's doctor in Seattle recommended. Ken asked if he could do his treatments in Aberdeen and the answer was yes. Obviously, he was VERY happy about that! Next week is an off week from the chemo and Ken will have CT scans in Aberdeen to see if this chemo is working. If it is, he will continue with at least one more cycle. If it isn't working, we'll move to plan B, more like plan R. ;)

We received the results from Jim's (Ken's other brother) HLA typing and he's also a 7/10 match with Ken's. Not considered good enough. Meanwhile, Ken's HLA typing has been entered into the worldwide database and 12 potential donors have been identified. Fred Hutch would like to line up a primary donor and a backup and is asking for further typing on Ken and the primary donor. They seem to have a good lead that they are trying to pursue so keep your fingers crossed! ... And enjoy that beautiful sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Those of us at City Hall were really starting to worry. I truly believe a match will be found! Hang in there and try to be good. I am not sure the college is safe with you and Wes running loose but it is good to hear you are working. Enjoy the sunshine!! Keep fighting.

Lisa Bloomfield

Anonymous said...

Just wanted your family to know that we check the blog regularly and we are sending armloads of positive energy from our (temporary) home in Scotland. Soak up some sun and keep everyone at GHC in line!

Bill, Melinda, Aaron and Isabelle Dyer