Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 Hours And Counting...

Ken is still in the hospital in Olympia and holding strong. I mentioned last week that this Monday he'd meet with his doctor in Seattle and start the inpatient chemotherapy on Wednesday but that has been pushed back a week. He's not able to leave the hospital yet - he needs to get some strength and hopefully gain some weight before they will even consider the chemotherapy. He's currently receiving nutrition, hydration, nausea medicine and antibiotics in his IV so things have got to start turning around here soon.

We are vastly approaching Ken Waite Day! Click here to read an article about Monday's activities and remember to take a picture wearing your shirt!


Anonymous said...

Frito Ken, from hanging out in the faculty room at Miller sharing your Fritos, to baseball camp, to Geometry at AHS, you have always been someone to look up to. I wish you nothing but the best in your recovery. Jeff Salstrom.

Anonymous said...

I got my shirt today and can't wait to wear it....Love you guys!

Cindy Miller

Julie Messerer said...

Mr. Waite was a great teacher in the 1980's when I attended AHS, as well as at MJH. I didn't have him as one of my teachers, but many of my friends did. Wish he taught me geometry (my "teacher" didn't think girls should be learning such stuff--seriously)!! Even if I didn't have him as a teacher, he is a great guy whom people looked up to (and still do).

Is there a specific time that this event at AHS is happening? I wish I could see Mr. Waite and wish him the best. Again, I didn't have him as a teacher myself, but he was very friendly to me, called me by name and chat a little.

Mr. Waite, keep fighting!! All the best to you and yours!!

Julie (Cipale) Messerer
Class of 1985

Anonymous said...

We all will be wearing our shirts proudly and we hope you can feel the strength and love we will be sending your way on your day of honor. Maybe the energy of tomorrow will pass to you in gaining your strength to a speedy recovery. We all love you!!! Melanie Bickar

Carly Hancock said...

Mr. Waite!

I bought my shirt today and can't wait for it to arrive so that I can wear it around proudly in Renton! :0) My colleagues up here won't have any idea it's significance but you can bet I'll fill them in and just having it on will you keep you, Jill, Kristi, and Marc close to my heart. Hopefully the unity, pride, and love of Aberdeen on "Ken Waite Day" tomorrow will lift your spirits and aid you in your fight.

Love and Many Hugs!

Mo said...

My name is Maurice Fox and I was a student during my sophomore year at AHS of Mr. Waite's Geometry Class. I just wanted to express my support to him and well-wishes to his family and closest friends, as well as a speedy recovery!

Maurice Fox

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,
Sending our thoughts and prayers from the Eastside for a speedy recovery. Can't begin to tell you how much we'd like to be there to help celebrate "your" day. Will just do it from here - am sure you will feel the "vibe" from there!! Love you lots, and will see you soon.
Joan and Tim Dove

Anonymous said...

Mr. Waite, you will remember me as your evening nurse over this last weekend! I cannot believe this website! Oh my goodness it is awesome! I will be purchasing a couple of the bracelets! Yay! Maybe I can get some for the other nurses on the floor and we can all enjoy a little piece of you!
It was such a privilidge to get to care for you! It felt great to know that you had many connections to where I was from! How neat is it that a Aberdeen high school graduate gets to take care of a well known and obviously very well liked, retired Aberdeen teacher!
Thanks to you and your wife for being so wonderful!


Anonymous said...


Missed you at the meeting sunday night!!!! Ty Ty and I had to cover the New Rules and Point of Emphasis this year.....Rebound and Recover.....

Kevin Hegel

Garett said...


wishing you all my best for a speedy recover. Hope to see you out on the ball field soon...lord knows I'll never be able to teach my kids how to hit a curve ball...someone has to do it.

still looking up to you,