Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Officially Ken Waite Day!

Show your Ken Waite Pride today by wearing your Humbabe Revolution T-Shirt or Wristband!! If you haven't had a chance to get yours yet, just wear anything red!

There will be a rally at AHS beginning at 2:00pm, anyone and everyone is welcome! We have a big card outside the office - please come and sign it some time during the day. Kaity & Angela did a fabulous job decorating the high school. I'll upload pictures from that soon - Ken is still in the hospital in Olympia but I know he'll feel all of your love and support!!


Anonymous said...

To our AHS girls-
Wow! What a great day! Angela & Kaity you did a superb job organizing -from decorating, to Skyping, to the rally -you girls are awesome.

We love you and send all our good mojo! Counts full and I know this one is going out of the park!

Love you!

shannon7 said...

We Love You Mr.Waite!

-Shannon Sipe