Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Top Shelf

You know, I really hoped we'd never see January 6th again. I honestly can't believe that it's been a year. Sometimes I wonder how we will go another day without our Ken. Other times, I feel like he's right there ... laughing with us (or at us). There's been many great tributes to my father over the past year from awards to scholarships to baseball fields. As I've been able to attend many of these ceremonies, I've wondered what he'd think of it. He'd love the opportunity to visit with friends, colleagues and students but not the recognition. So much of his life was centered around other people: coaching them, teaching them, officiating them, loving them and even pranking them. I've been wondering for quite some time now how we honor this man a year after his death.

As I think back on this year and on the countless stories that have been shared about him, the best thing I can think of is to pay it forward. Mow a lawn, buy someone a drink, goose them as they go up the stairs, ring 'em on top of their head or listen to their story. Whatever you do, remember Ken and live your life on the top shelf.


Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at your dad's blog for months. I have been trying to listen to God when he speaks to me, and I know today I heard Him. It wasn't until I read your post, that I knew today was the day your dad passed away. Even though I only worked with your dad a short time, he really had an impact on me. He lived life to the fullest. Though this will be a difficult day for you, your mom, Mark and the rest of your family, your dad would want you to think of the times he made you laugh and smile.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The joy Precious brought to our world, priceless! I bet God has his hands full up there!
I miss him so much & think of him everyday.

Anonymous said...

To the Waite family;
This comes from way back, but we became friends with Ken and Jill in the fall of 1976. I was hired at Miller Junior High where Ken was teaching at the time. He had already established himself as a valuable member of the community, even for having only been there a relatively short time. Ken and Jill took Kathie and I under their wings that first (and last)year in Aberdeen. We often think of the great times we had together as a group of young married couples back then. We moved away to Chelan, kept in contact for a few years, visited each other's houses a couple of times, but then lost contact. I wish that I had known of Ken's illness this past couple of years. I just found out this weekend when I happened to run into Marty, the Aberdeen superintendent. I asked about Ken, thinking that he was probably still teaching, officiating, playing ball, and all the other things he was busy with. He was one person that I thought would never grow old!. When I got home, I told Kathie and we immediately tried to find out what information we could, and came across your blog. Kristi, your writing has been amazing, and helped us begin to overcome the deep sadness we feel. We certainly wish that we had made a better effort to stay in contact over the years.Please accept our sincerest condolences to the entire family.

Brent and Kathie Morrison

Anonymous said...

I reached into my desk today to get something out and I came across my red "HUMBABE" bracklet. It's been there since your memorial service but I had not seen it until today. My heart is sad but not for you. It is sad for everyone left behind that loves you and misses you. I wonder how you are doing? I wonder if you are behaving yourself? I know you are at peace. I know you are whole again and cancer free. I am sure you must be having the time of your life. These thoughts do bring peace to my heart. I know we will see you again someday. Until then don't give God too hard of a time. :)

Yes life has gone on here without you but it is not the same and we are not the same. I thank God that you touched my life and that He made you.

Until we meet again my friend.